Do you want to revitalise your carpet? Then get in contact with Adams Cleaning Service today, the carpet cleaning experts.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets really give a home that cosy, comfortable feel but over time they can become stained, dirty and retain odours of spills or from pets. Re-carpeting a home or business can be extremely expensive, not to mention the disruption caused by the process. Save yourself the money and trouble and take advantage of Adams Cleaning Service's professional carpet cleaning service. Our expert carpet cleaner comes to your home or business and cleans all floor carpets. We work in bedrooms, front rooms, hallways and landings.
Our cleaning service can completely revitalise carpets, making them look as new at a fraction of the price of a buying and having a new carpet installed.

Do you want to make your carpet look as clean as the day you bought it? Then get in contact with Adams Cleaning Service today.

Carpet Stain Remover

Carpets can often times be spoiled by large, ingrained stains due to spills, food or ground in dirt. Adams Cleaning Service has the expertise to treat even old stains using the most modern and best stain removal practices. All our products target the stain whilst never damaging the fabric of the carpet.
Our efficient service means that after a cleaning, a carpet will be dry within a day, minimising disruption to your home or business. Our service utilises the spraying of cleaner which is then hoovered up along with the ingrained dirt and filth it has dislodged. We pride ourselves on bringing old, tired carpets back to life, improving the interior aesthetic of a property.

Do you want Adams Cleaning Service to revitalise the stains on your carpet? Then get in touch today to find out more about their professional carpet cleaning service.

Interior Car Valet

Our expert carpet cleaning service extends to the valeting or car interiors. Our team brings our carpet cleaning expertise to stain removal, odours and ingrained dirt. We revitalise car interiors. This service is perfect when a car owner wants to make the right first impression to a prospective buyer or before the NCT.